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The Economics of Happiness Conference

January 31, 2015

February 27- March 1, 2015
The Eliot Center, Portland, Oregon

All around the world, thousands of initiatives are demonstrating that we can create a better future: resilient communities, healthier ecosystems, equitable economies. The Economics of Happiness Conference aims to connect the dots, translate understanding into action, and build a movement for re-localizing economies.

Featuring leading figures in the global-to-local movement, The Economics of Happiness Conference is the fourth in a series of international conferences hosted by Local Futures (formerly known as the International Society for Ecology and Culture), the organization that produced the popular film “The Economics of Happiness”.


According to Local Futures’ Director, Helena Norberg-Hodge, “Localization is a win-win strategy that allows us to tackle the most urgent problems of our time – inequality, financial instability, climate change, and more – while at the same time increasing our own psychological well-being.”

Helena Norberg-Hodge is just one of the speakers in an lineup of cutting-edge thinkers, writers, and activists, including Your Money or Your Life co-author Vicki Robin, local finance expert Michael Shuman, education critic Manish Jain, Executive Director of Sustainable Economies Law Center Janelle Orsi, indigenous right activist Jihan Gearon, Nigerian poet and psychologist Bayo Akomolafe, former Portland mayoral candidate Cameron Whitten, globalization critic Jerry Mander, and “stand-up economist” Yoram Bauman


The conference will take place at The Eliot Center in the heart of Portland, Oregon – a city known for its thriving local economy and innovative grassroots organizing –and will include plenaries, panels, interactive workshops and other participatory sessions.

The wide range of inter-connected topics will include: local food, public policy, democracy, local business, the commons, cooperatives, local finance, spirituality, economic indicators, health, education, bridging the North-South divide, the new economy movement, climate justice, cultural diversity, biodiversity, environmental justice, income inequality, and the impact of the economy on our personal well-being.

Speakers available for advance interviews: Bayo Akomolafe, Manish Jain, Camila Moreno, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Michael Shuman

More information about The Economics of Happiness Conference: Click Here

Media graphics: Click Here

Contact: Kristen Steele



Kellia Ramares-Watson
San Francisco Bay Area Independent Journalist

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