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A Long Way Home

February 6, 2015

I reckon it was a long time ago; so far back most folks around today weren’t even born yet. Well, there was this liberal politician and he had this plan to improve health care in America. The guy had a checkered past, the moniker of “crook” had dogged him for most of his political career. You know how it is, your best friend in life is the mob’s banker in Miami and suspicious people begin to think, maybe you’re cut from the same cloth.

Well, you know how liberals are. Whenever they see a problem, their first response is to throw money at it. So once this liberal comes to power, he begins spending money like there’s no tomorrow. The Comprehensive Health Manpower Training Act, the Nurse Training Act and then he more than doubles the budget for cancer research! He signs into law a National Health Service Corps of young professionals, AKA another big government program. The purpose was to provide health services in rural areas and inner cities; don’t it just make your heart bleed?

But he wasn’t finished, oh no, far from it. He was just getting warmed up, so he says: “MORE THAN MONEY IS NEEDED.” Brother, when a liberal politician tells you more than money is needed, he means, we need more money. See he’s got this plan; he wants to reform health care in America. He wants to make it better … understand?

One basic shortcoming of a solution to health care problems which depends entirely on spending more money, can be seen in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Medicare and Medicaid did deliver needed dollars to the health care problems of the elderly and the poor. But at the same time, little was done to alter the existing supply and distribution of doctors, nurses, hospitals and other health resources. Our health care supply, in short, remained largely the same while massive new demands were loaded onto it.” ~ Big Liberal Politician

This liberal wants to control the rising costs of health care with price controls, AKA a new law, limiting the growth of health care costs to 3.85 percent per year.

To remedy these problems, however, will require far more than the efforts of the Federal Government–although the Federal role is vital and will be met by this Administration.” ~ Big Liberal Politician


*  Treatment for Alcoholism and Drug addiction is COVERED in-patient or out-patient.

*  Free Dental and eye care for all children under age 13 is COVERED

*  Treatment for Sickle Cell Disease is covered.

*  Even treatment for Venereal Disease is covered.

*  Family Planning was also covered in this Liberal Eugenics program

More than a half century has passed since basic legislation was enacted to ensure the safety of the foods and drugs which Americans consume. Since then, industrial and agricultural revolutions have generated an endless variety of new products, food additives, industrial compounds, cosmetics, synthetic fabrics and other materials which are employed to feed, clothe, medicate and adorn the American consumer. These revolutions created an entirely new man-made environment–and we must make absolutely certain that this new environment does not bring harmful side effects which outweigh its evident benefits.” ~ Big Liberal Politician

Liberals, liberals, liberals, always standing in the way of progress, wanting to federalize control of nursing homes, because he says he “cares” what kind of care seniors are given. He cares alright, “can I see your RED health care card Comrade?” That’s right; he wanted to force every single God-fearin’ American to carry a health care card with a magnetic strip, like a credit card. Oh, it was the mark of the beast for sure, with this communist devil-card, if you were in an accident or got sick, just swipe your card and you get a free ride to the hospital courtesy of your RED Uncle Sam. The card also held other information about you, like your medical history and your drug allergies.

Handicapping Conditions: In America today there are half a million blind, 850,000 deaf and 15 million suffering paralysis and loss of limbs. So far, the major responses to their need to gain self-sufficiency, have been vocational rehabilitation and welfare programs. Now the skills that took us to the moon and back need to be put to work developing devices to help the blind see, the deaf hear and the crippled move. ~ Big Liberal Politician

Liberals … don’t they just make you sick? Help the poor, help the sick, help the blind and help the lame, never thinking about the poor suffering millionaire. Just like that hippie dude who went around the country preaching peace and love … what’s his name? It was Jesus or Bob Dylan or something.

Kind of funny isn’t it? This liberal tried to force through a program which capped the cost American families would pay in the event of catastrophic illness. A program offering free preventive care for children and they run him out of town on a rail. He left Washington with a smile and a wave from a helicopter doorstep, in disgrace, never to return. He created the Environmental Protection Agency, proposed a consumer protection agency and a toxic substances act.

So when I say that the goal posts have moved, there’s your proof. You’re not here, you’re over there. America would never have the free spending, Washington liberal, Richard Milhous Nixon to kick around ever again. Nixon illegally bombed Cambodia and Laos, the world condemned him for it. When the current occupant of the White house sends military incursions into other nations – the world says nothing. A United Nations report condemned the US drone program; the domestic media fail to report it. During Nixon’s Presidency, a hit song asked, “WAR! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!” Today war is a great movie, way to go Clint, Dirty Harry in camo fatigues and still breaking all the rules. A film promoting illegal war, death and violence, is raking in millions from it at the box office.

It is one more symptom of a sick society, a big screen propaganda hit, making Nixon or even John Wayne for that matter look quaint. Never forget that Richard Nixon was the fascist Moses. Had Richard Nixon been prosecuted for his war crimes, none of what we must now endure would ever have happened. Nixon’s health care plan was D.O.A. in Congress. It would take another generation before public health care money was successfully funneled into private hands. It is the clearest example that I can show for something I have believed for years … If Barack Obama had run for the Presidency against Richard Nixon, Nixon would have been the Democrat, the LIBERAL Democrat, and Barack Obama would have been the Republican, the Conservative Republican.

In his day, Nixon was the most right-wing President this country had ever elected and by today’s standards, he looks like Mr. Rogers. What does that tell us about where we are now? It’s a long way home.


About the author: David Glenn Cox is a senior staff writer for TLR and an award winning author and musician; he is the author of the novel, “The Servants of Pilate.”


6 Responses to A Long Way Home

  1. leftylawyer on March 29, 2015 at 6:36 pm

    A campaign bumper sticker from the 70s read:
    Dick Nixon
    Before he dicks you.

  2. liberalvoice on March 29, 2015 at 6:03 pm

    “War crimes”? You must never use that word in America unless referring to foreigners. American groupthink requires that you never, never, speak of the unspeakable. The millions of victims of American aggression are, as Chomsky put it, not worthy victims in the eyes of the American ruling elite. A few hundred thousands dead Iraqi civilians is just part of the cost of maintaining the brutal global empire and a boon to American capitalism.

  3. JasonR on March 8, 2015 at 8:08 pm

    It’s disturbing to look back and see how far we have moved in the direction of right-wing fascism. Corporations make (essentially) all the crucial decisions in the US. The far right of the 1970s is now located somewhere around the center as far as one can tell from the media, which is steered by advertising dollars. Where do ad dollars come from? Corporate America. What a surprise!

  4. pvequalkt on February 13, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    point well taken.

    I’ve maintained all along that the bushbaby could never have been elected at any time before 2K nor in any other nation than our own. He’d have been unelectable… an ignorant buffoon.

    And barry hopey changey could never have been RE-elected after such an abysmal first term masquerading as a democrat. He MIGHT have enjoyed a second term if he switched parties officially… if his elections had been prior to 2K.

    Before Reagan, Rs had to govern as though they were everyone’s government. Since Reagan, only Ds had to govern as though they were everyone’s government. Since 2K, neither party has to even pretend to give a rat’s ass about anyone but the 1%.

    Yes. We’ve degenerated nearly to the atomic. We are, in essence, the current Reagan in the WH and the next one we shall affirm in 2016. Truly, Reagan is our lord jeezus… the one to whom we aspire.

  5. pvequalkt on February 7, 2015 at 8:27 am

    well…. it is possibly just as likely that Nixon and the lame version of hopey changey were doing the same thing… disingenuously advocating in the hopes of rehabilitating their legacies. While Nixon did govern much further to the left on domestic matters than anyone since 1980, he (and his minion Kissinger) did commit a litany of war crimes. He was also a deeply flawed, despicable human being.

    I would rather hopey changey were a despicable humnan being and govern more like Nixon than what we got.

    As to the long way home? Not only is that true, but we’ve burned all the bridges and blown up all the roadways we need to get there. And “WE” as an electorate have done this, cheered for it, and demand more destruction of our pathway back.

    We elect those who truly most closely match our own evil selves. We get what we deserve.

    • David Cox on February 10, 2015 at 5:20 am

      I come to bury Nixon not to praise him. I only point him out to illustrate that 40 years ago Nixon was the bottom of the barrel. Look how far we’ve degenerated as a society.

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