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Shiny Pretty Things

May 5, 2015

Orwell was dead on the button, you know?  Describing a mass surveillance, mass hysteria media state, stratified and deified by strict obedience to an artificial political dogma. A yellow ribbon stuck on the back of the ole gov’ment minivan right next to the smiling stick figure family, lobbing cruise missiles into third-world countries most couldn’t find on a map. Ole George was on the right track sure enough, but time marches on doesn’t it? The new technologies have moved beyond the scope of paper pulp to dimensions ole George could never have dreamed of.

What would George Orwell say about a society paying out millions from its own pockets for the privilege of watching Big Brother on their telescreens, willing to pay extra to have Big Brother available on their mobile devices, just in case. Today, Winston Smith would be a multi-million dollar TV producer. Still ruled by fear but in this case money fear; continuity is dead, content is king. The average American couldn’t name most of the foreign countries where the U.S. has troops fighting, so why bother correcting Big Brother’s statements at all? Just keep the shiny pretty things coming.

Full immersion brain washing, a thousand tentacles belching the word into our face, living in the word and the word is “purchase”. A thousand Big Brothers, each custom made to fit, so try one on and take one out for a spin. Pundits, preachers and politicos offering the same message from different vantage points, the book what says, if you’re a slave be a good slave, lives in complete agreement with neocon fascism, which says if you’re a slave, it sucks to be you – deal with it. Orwell never dreamed the Party would have to divvy up the spoils with God House incorporated.

Can you say Synergy? (Pun intended) NBC broadcasting is airing prime-time Bible features in its Sunday offering AD. Stories told from the perspective of an unquestioning, true believer. Is it art imitating crime or crime imitating art? Sunday morning preacher sermons coordinated to match the night’s TV Bible teleplay; it is difficult to determine who cheapens whom more. Preaching to a zombie TV nation versus preaching to the choir and Orwell missed it. Big Brother of the sky has star power, he speaks for God you know, and God wants you… to watch TV! To save your soul and to take advantage of the many fine product offerings available for purchase.

Full technology inversion: got me to thinking how our lives are influenced by that technology.  It’s funny, isn’t it, how there’s always a criminal record or a surveillance video, always a good reason why the black man lay dead. Round the clock 24-hour coverage until the story isn’t the story; you see the police say he severed his own spine on purpose. Question: name an injury possible in a police vehicle? Did you say severed spine? What if the question becomes everything but the question…? Why is Baltimore like this? Riots don’t just happen; they build over time. Riots are a voluntary dissolution of the public order; it is the masses saying “I quit, I refuse to respect the public order because the public order ain’t doin’ shit for me.”

In white stone Government buildings just a few miles down the road from Baltimore, the status quo lives. A stone’s throw … light years from Baltimore. If it hadn’t been for the riots, Baltimore’s story wouldn’t have been on television in the first place. The story becomes anything but the story, a woman slapping her son, how entertaining, how perfect, how media perfect. Focus on the detail; ignore the crushed windpipe of a handcuffed man in police custody.

In media fiction land the chocolate rations are never cut, it’s a land where everything is chocolate, even the media news. Things also not in the headlines: there are currently 16, 000 empty houses in Baltimore; less than six in ten African American men 25 to 54 in Baltimore have a job,  and without access to job experience when they’re young, what is their future? They’re trapped in an urban American gulag where the color of their skin is their Star of David.  Fenced out by money and fenced out of opportunity and fenced in with razor wire disdain, ruled over brutishly by uniformed camp guards, just a few miles down the road from the nation’s Capital. Orwell never could have ever dreamt of such surrealism or of such a dark, dreary duality.

Wall’em in and lock’em down; pull the gorgon’s teeth by weeding out the troublemakers. Jail a bunch; kill a few just to let them know you mean it. This situation isn’t an accident it is intentional. It is insight into how capitalism is presented as chocolate candy with a gooey, buttery center, but the true picture is the brutality of Baltimore or of any other American city. Ford Motor Co. is planning to spend $ 2.5 billion to build and expand its transmission factory in Chihuahua; they anticipate hiring 3,800 people at an average wage of around four bucks an hour. Toyota is building a new billion dollar factory in Mexico as are BMW, Mercedes and Nissan. Every one of the products from these factories is headed for a showroom near you.

It is an economic system lacking any component or motivation for public good or even the economic good of the system. A socioeconomic order which rules our lives by fear: the fear of losing your job, getting sick and losing everything. The fear of being falsely arrested, tasered or beaten to death; all while being bombarded with images of shiny pretty things, daily reminded of a life they will never have by the world they cannot escape. The President says it is “absolutely vital that the truth comes out” about the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore.

He already knows the truth…

“In a larger sense, the TPP has the potential to be a model not only for the Asia Pacific but for future trade agreements.  It addresses a whole range of issues not covered by past agreements, including market regulations and how we can make them more compatible, creating opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses in the growing global marketplace.  It will include high standards to protect workers’ rights and the environment.” ~ Barack Obama


About the author: David Glenn Cox is a senior staff writer for TLR and an award winning author and musician; he is the author of the novel, “The Servants of Pilate.”


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