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Author Guidelines

  • Articles must be written in English.
  • Length can vary between 1000 and 5000 words.
  • Articles should be well written and provide insights into complex issues that can be appreciated by non specialists.
  • Be certain to check your facts! Articles must be well researched and should cite sources for quotations, borrowed ideas, and any facts that are controversial or likely to be challenged by readers with opposing points of view.
  • For citations, Harvard referencing system, APL, or MLA are acceptable. Use endnotes only.
  • Topics should be within the guidelines cited on the submissions page (interpreted broadly).
  • Any non original material such as graphs, diagrams, or photos, must have copyright permission. It is your responsibility to get that permission.
  • If using acronyms, define them when first used.
  • No personal attacks.
  • Use subheadings for longer articles.
  • Try to use active, not passive voice.
  • Word.doc, OpenOffice, or plain text files are acceptable.
  • Include a few sentences for an “About the Author” statement at the end of the text of your article.
  • Article should be single spaced with 12pt Times New Roman or similar font.
  • Please remember we are a non-profit and can only provide modest compensation, and typically only to freelancers.
  • Articles that are ready-to-publish receive full compensation. Articles that require additional time and effort to ready for publication will receive slightly less.
  • We request one-time electronic publishing rights.
  • Submissions must be original unpublished work by the individual submitting the article. We request that articles not be published elsewhere for a period of three months with the following exception: The first three-to-four paragraphs, followed by a link to the article in The Leftist Review, may be posted/published elsewhere upon our publication of the piece.
  • We will contact you within five days if we wish to publish your submission.
  • If we accept your article we reserve the right to make editorial or stylistic changes if deemed necessary.
  • By submitting your article you implicitly grant us the right to publish it.

Please include a brief biography and a one paragraph summary/abstract of your article in the email.
If you have previously published works, list a few of them. Include your name and address.
If we accept your submission, we will request a thumbnail photo of you, but it is not a requirement.