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David Glenn Cox

I was born at the confluence of those two mighty American rivers, prosperity and liberalism. I had hoped to navigate those waters all my life but have struck upon a dry spell. My ship was damaged on the rocks of Reaganism and was tempest tossed onto the shoals of Bush one and Bush two. I was lured into a hopeful channel and set my sails for change only to discover myself becalmed in the sea of wretched centrists. I set my sextant to the left because like the Northern star that is the only fixed point in the heavens that does not move. My grandfather was a union organizer and a shop steward. He fought battles for which he was arrested, beaten and scarred. His son, my father had no more future before him at age sixteen than a house cat until the GI bill. He roamed and wandered in his own “Bound for Glory” odyssey. Through the GI bill he went on to become a mechanical and electrical engineer. Later in life he taught at a University that did not exist before the New Deal. But first he taught me that we are all one with the poor and disenfranchised. Those that look down on them would look down on you or I just as quickly. He understood that his own rise from poverty was made possible by opportunity and by liberalism and that those who despise liberalism, despise people and want to set themselves apart from us as our betters. I was born for this and groomed for this and I could never see myself as anything else in life other than a liberal and a leftist. I've fought with Reaganites, fundamentalist Christians, Klansman, Bush apologists, war mongers, greedy Capitalist's, free traders and even centrist Democrats because my grandfather had only one maxim in his life. “If you're not willing to fight for something then maybe you don't deserve it.” So let us lay the keel for a new vessel based on the fundamental framework of liberalism, People, Prosperity and Peace

Feel the Burn

February 26, 2016
Graffiti - Street Art

Please don’t get me wrong, I like Bernie Sanders, I do. What’s not to like? Medicare for all has been the dream all along, hasn’t it? It was Harry Truman’s dream in 1948, wasn’t it? Medicare was Lyndon Johnson’s legacy, before Vietnam drew a dark curtain across his administration. The evil Nixon proposed a...

The Rube Goldberg Machine

October 4, 2015
Car Engine

The development of the automobile was a simple progression of technology. There’s nothing wrong with the idea, but what happens when the tool controls the operator, when the tool becomes the master and the primary source of our nation’s maladies?

The Culmination

August 22, 2015
Rumsfeld & Saddam

The CIA called the operation TPAJAX. The Brits called it “Operation Boot.” Using the best tools Capitalism has to offer—money, guns and corruption—a coup was organized. With Churchill in London and Eisenhower in the White House, it was like old home week. The old war horses smelling powder, breaking out their soldier uniforms to...

Living in the Clouds

July 25, 2015
Living in the Clouds

We’re living in this cloud based society; the internet revolution is over and the real estate is all deeded out. You may need help in finding Amazon and EBay, so we’ll preload them for you; but changing your home page from the Mindless Syrup Network… you’re on your own. Painting the clouds, altering the...

Police State

June 24, 2015
Police State

It was somewhere near the beginning of 1930 when Bonnie Parker first set eyes on Clyde Barrow in a romanticized version of love at first sight. Bonnie was married, but separated from her husband. She was an out-of-work seamstress; Clyde had been born poor and didn’t know any different. He’d first been arrested at...

Shiny Pretty Things

May 5, 2015
People Hamsters

Orwell was dead on the button, you know?  Describing a mass surveillance, mass hysteria media state, stratified and deified by strict obedience to an artificial political dogma. A yellow ribbon stuck on the back of the ole gov’ment minivan right next to the smiling stick figure family, lobbing cruise missiles into third-world countries most...

End of the World Blues

March 23, 2015
Over Crowding

We appear to be nearing the short end of the funnel. In one hundred and fifteen years the automotive population of the United States has risen from 35,000 to 255 million; one billion gas burning cars world-wide, pretending... pretending that this number is sustainable or unimportant. Believing by forgetting, that humanity can continue in...

A Long Way Home

February 6, 2015
A Long Way Home

I reckon it was a long time ago; so far back most folks around today weren’t even born yet. Well, there was this liberal politician and he had this plan to improve health care in America. The guy had a checkered past, the moniker of “crook” had dogged him for most of his political...

The Petroleum Tax

January 21, 2015

American Capitalism is an economic complex of Rube Goldberg machines, of systems and testicles, tentacles and assholes. The falling price of crude oil is proof positive enough, Obama’s energy policy has got us moving down the right track… right? I mean, ain’t it great? Cheap gas… goody! In exchange, we open up vast tracks...

Black Friday

November 29, 2014
Black Friday

Human beings love ritual, be it roasting birds or throwing virgins into a volcano. Race, creed or color, make no difference. They are personal lines of demarcation splashed across the heavens, a celestial DayMinder. Personal holidays, my birthday or your birthday, are pretty cool, but on the flip side, the birthdays of those to...