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Jacqueline Colvin

Jackie Colvin studied philosophy at the University of Chicago and currently works at an internet marketing company. She can be reached at jacqueline dot colvin at gmail dot com.

The Power of Economic Narratives

June 13, 2013
Economic Puppet

At best the economic story captures a sliver of the human experience, yet it enjoys such pervasiveness and powerful control over our understanding of ourselves that it shrouds and dismisses alternative ways of thinking (and thus, living); what we believe in the economic story ...

For-Profit Colleges — Hello Predatory Education

January 10, 2013

Meager or nonexistent as their economic benefits to students may be, and deplorable as their marketing practices are, for-profit colleges and universities are a symptom of the larger problem of unaffordability and unavailability of quality education in the United States. Without some kind of financial aid, it is nearly impossible for anyone but...

Biological Fantasies

October 5, 2012
Fantasy Biology

While Romney and Ryan champion the very self-reliance they claim makes government hardly necessary, they support legislation that does women’s thinking for them without so much as the slightest gesture of compassion, or the cursory acknowledgment that it is already traumatic enough without Republican legislation seizing control of their wombs

Religious Freedom vs. Healthcare Freedom

July 16, 2012
Birth Control

In the name of religious liberty, 43 Roman Catholic institutions recently filed a lawsuit against the Obama Administration, contending that their rights are violated by the health care mandate requiring employers to cover birth control ...

Feminism: Left and Right

April 25, 2012
Statue of the Goddess

Attempts to compare left- and right-wing strains of feminism will encounter the collective ambivalence Americans feel about the effects of the sexual revolution and the women’s movement. While Third Wave feminist discourse (which is what most of liberal feminism claims to participate in) generally rejects the value of a universal feminine ideal or essence,...

The Politics of Family Creation

March 5, 2012
Creating Families

Opponents of adoption and marriage by same-sex couples need to face these facts about the modern family. If they were really interested in promoting the welfare of American families and children...

Abortion: Is There a Middle Ground?

November 16, 2011

Pro-life groups in the United States tend to promote one goal: making abortion illegal. While they have failed thus far to overturn Roe v. Wade or to ban abortion outright in smaller jurisdictions, the pro-life movement has succeeded in cutting off funding to Planned Parenthood and has made it more difficult to obtain a...

Redefining Marriage

August 21, 2011
Redefining Marriage

Both opponents and proponents of same-sex marriage appeal to the raising of children in their arguments. In recent Western history, it has been considered essentially feminine or essentially masculine to be a good mother or a good father, respectively. Today, our ideal of child-rearing consists less in parents fulfilling duties that are designated by...

Food-Alienation Nation

June 26, 2011

Over the past several decades Americans have become increasingly alienated from their own nourishment. Ideally, food should help keep us pleasantly healthy and alive, and although taste is important, it should not render nutritional value an irrelevancy to us. Our current system, however, produces many foods whose ingredients are merely tolerated by or toxic...

The Politics of Soda

March 10, 2011
Soda Sick Society

The negative political reaction of the American Beverage Association to the possibility of a federal tax on soft drinks is disingenuous and motivated by greed masquerading as political principle. The association, whose members include PepsiCo and Coca-cola, ran an anti-soda tax advertisement entitled “Give Me a Break” during the Super Bowl, attempting to send...