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Matt Hanson

Matt Hanson is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn, NY. He has lived in Egypt, Mexico, Peru, and Canada, and has worked with numerous daily newspapers, online start-ups, leftist magazines and everything in between since 2005.

Post Suburban Speculation

November 1, 2014
American Suburbia

To many the American dream became a nightmare, born of the dark night of a man named Charles Ponzi, who inspired the term, Ponzi scheme. As seen in the 2008 housing crisis in the U.S., a Ponzi scheme is characterized by the fraudulent sale of a belief in a nonexistent enterprise

Binge-Drinking Women Do Not Provoke Sexual Assault, Men Do

September 28, 2014
Binge Drinking

In America, rape is an endemic issue. Unfortunately, sexual assault is one social problem that has become far too pervasive for a reliably concerted and effective response quite yet. In truth, the unconscionable figures of unopposed rape essentially equate to an unceasing medical emergency. By definition, sexual assault and rape differ. Technically, sexual assault...