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Mike Marino

Mike Marino was born and raised in the blue collar city of Detroit, Michigan. By the age of 15, he left home, and ended up homeless on the streets in Los Angeles, eventually making his way to the Haight Ashbury in 1966, prior to the Summer of Love. He helped establish a shelter for other runaway young people in the Haight that was being developed. Eventually he returned to Detroit after seven years, and started The Experimental Theater Workshop writing and directing plays of social relevance. Having no high school diploma, nor formal training for any career, it was only natural that he end up working in radio for the next couple of decades doing morning rock and roll radio shows in San Francisco, among other places. He began writing freelance for magazines when he was asked by a magazine about publishing an article he wrote on his experiences in the Haight. Today, he is the managing editor of two weekly newspapers in the Northwest, an author of four books, and a freelance writer for numerous publications in North America and abroad.

Upton Sinclair: The Conscience of a Nation

June 26, 2011
Upton Sinclair

When the extremes of capitalism bring financial hardships or economic depression, the mainstream often takes note of alternative notions about society and economics. There is a rich tradition of Socialist literature imbued with metaphor and theory that can then spill into the mainstream; but more commonly, such literature is confined to the periphery of...