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Roland Benedikter, Ph.D.

Roland Benedikter, Dr. Dr. Dr., is Research Scholar at the Orfalea Center for Global and International Studies of the University of California at Santa Barbara, Trustee of the Toynbee Prize Foundation Boston, Senior Research Scholar of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs Washington DC and Full member of the Club of Rome. Previously, he was a Long-term Visiting Scholar / Research Affiliate 2009-13 at the Europe Center of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University, and Full Academic Fellow 2008-12 of the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies Washington DC. He has written for Foreign Affairs, Harvard International Review and Challenge: The Magazine of Economic Affairs, and is author of books about global strategic issues (among them two on Xi Jinping’s China), co-author of two Pentagon and U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff White Papers and of Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker’s Report to the Club of Rome 2003 titled “Limits to Privatization. How To Avoid Too Much Of A Good Thing“. Contact: r.benedikter@orfaleacenter.ucsb.edu and rolandbenedikter@yahoo.de

Web Site: http://europe.stanford.edu/people/rolandbenedikter/

A Transhumanist Wants to be US President?

June 30, 2016

Unnoted by many, the transhumanist forerunner Zoltan Istvan has founded the “U.S. Transhumanist Party” and is running for U.S. president in the November 2016 election. He is touring the nation in his campaign vehicle, the “Immortality Bus,” since one of his promises is: “Do you want to live forever? Vote for me!”.

The Age of Transhumanist Politics – Part III

April 22, 2015

Do we now have to get used to relatively radical technophilic views in the public realm, received especially by the newer generations of internet and mobile phones? This is going to be one of the big issues in forthcoming years – not only in the USA, but in the West, and given the increasingly...

The Age of Transhumanist Politics – Part II

April 4, 2015
Birth of Transhumanism

Technology is emerging as a social and political force in its own right. The rapidity of technological evolution has caught governments off guard and slow to recognize and deal with the changing social and political landscapes. In contrast, militaries and the private sector are eagerly embracing these emerging technologies.

The Age of Transhumanist Politics Has Begun

March 6, 2015

Those who view the future human being as a technoid being, regard the mid 21st century as a probable date for reaching the singularity. That’s the moment when artificial intelligence allegedly surpasses that of human intelligence and becomes in some way “self-conscious.'


March 31, 2012

If neuroscience is to have any value as a human endeavor, then it’s not just what neuroscience informs and teaches. It’s about what we do with the knowledge we acquire. Neuroscience and its technologies are powerful tools. But like any tools, the responsibility to use them -- and the knowledge and capabilities they bring...