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If neuroscience is to have any value as a human endeavor, then it’s not just what neuroscience informs and teaches. It’s about what we do with the knowledge we acquire. Neuroscience and its technologies are powerful tools. But like any tools, the responsibility to use them -- and the knowledge and capabilities they bring...

The Perils of Technology Fetishism

February 4, 2011

In their reporting on the recent revolts in Egypt and Tunisia, media outlets from across the political spectrum have highlighted the role played by social media, especially Twitter. They have even used the phrase ‘social media-powered’ to describe these contretemps – as if decades of stewing economic and political grievances were not the actual...

Reset and Restart

December 20, 2010
Treaty Lock

START treaty ratification is under assault from a majority of Republicans in the Senate who think the treaty is too generous to the Russians. They are, evidently, unconcerned with the risk of not having inspectors on the ground in Russia.

Why Malcolm Gladwell Is Wrong About Social Media

November 6, 2010
Social Media

Images from inside running street battles, or of the storming of a Basiji compound, or of a young woman bleeding to death from a gunshot wound, have an impact far beyond the isolated incident or event being covered.

Evolution: Where to Next?

July 23, 2010
In the Beginning

Complexity and technology are overtaking us--where are we headed?