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The Leftist Review accepts unsolicited submissions by email only. Submissions must be original unpublished works of 1000 to 5000 words. Acceptable subject areas include: Politics, History, Philosophy, Science, Religion, Social Science, Economics, the Media, and more or less anything related to those fields. Shorter pieces may be acceptable if they are concise and particularly informative.

We are interested in a fairly wide range of subjects. Suitable topics might include: a critique of the contemporary US Senate rules and how those rules have undercut democracy, the psychology of recession consumerism, the evolution of American values from 1791 to the present, and so on.

We also welcome conventional and unconventional political pieces written from a leftist point of view. In this area, we are not looking for thin, vitriolic pieces of the sort common in the blogosphere. Political pieces should address policies and issues and include analysis, while avoiding attacks on character, unless character is particularly germane to the subject.

In addition, we welcome pieces written from alternative points of view. In particular, feminist and class analysis are of interest to us. Only expect a response if we are interested in publishing your piece. In that case we will contact you by email to let you know within five days. Otherwise please do not send queries about a previous submission. If you have questions regarding the suitability of a piece or topic, send your questions (not submissions) to: editor@leftistreview.com

Please include a brief biography.

Include your submission as a Word.doc, OpenOffice, or plain text file attachment and send it to: submissions@leftistreview.com

The Editor, The Leftist Review.