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The Day in 1937 When Casco Workers in Bridgeport Sat Down on the Job

US Labor Movement

It was an event that lasted less than a day and involved only 50 people directly. It was organized, led and carried out by everyday workers and thus contradicted the mainstream narrative that only big people make history. Many...

The Miracle Money Making Vest


For the past fifteen years Zoll Medical has done a remarkable job selling their wearable defibrillator and has certainly created a perfect name for it: The LifeVest. Too many local news agencies, who commonly neglect performing adequate research into...

Fact-Checking the Debate on Encryption


As politicians and counter-terrorism officials search for lessons from the recent attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California, senior officials have called for limits on technology that sends encrypted messages. It’s a debate that has repeatedly recurred for more...

How Do You Stop Terrorism?


US policies created ISIS; not on purpose, but as an inadvertent result of US policies. How do you stop terrorism? You stop using terror to put a stop to terror, because all you are doing is creating more by...

American Democracy: Death by Obstructionism

The US Capitol

It appears winning has become the real business of Congress. Too often the powerful must be appeased and the dust-ups must be settled before the business of America will be attended to. Republicans appear to be fighting...


Pope Francis

When the Pope Visited America


The pope's status as a moral authority in the world is undeniable -- he is the leader of 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide. Regardless of how one feels about the positions he has espoused, it's clear that his views may potentially have a huge impact on the opinions of millions. By making climate change a...


The Disabled Family


America is scaring the hell out of the very people it should be honored to protect. We have just two viable political parties. One of them wants to eliminate social assistance programs, and if not entirely, they certainly want to make significant cut-backs. Their truly horrifying argument is this: There are slackers in the...

People Hamsters

Shiny Pretty Things


Orwell was dead on the button, you know?  Describing a mass surveillance, mass hysteria media state, stratified and deified by strict obedience to an artificial political dogma. A yellow ribbon stuck on the back of the ole gov’ment minivan right next to the smiling stick figure family, lobbing cruise missiles into third-world countries most...

Birth of Transhumanism

The Age of Transhumanist Politics – Part II

By , and

Technology is emerging as a social and political force in its own right. The rapidity of technological evolution has caught governments off guard and slow to recognize and deal with the changing social and political landscapes. In contrast, militaries and the private sector are eagerly embracing these emerging technologies.