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A Transhumanist Wants to be US President?


Unnoted by many, the transhumanist forerunner Zoltan Istvan has founded the “U.S. Transhumanist Party” and is running for U.S. president in the November 2016 election. He is touring the nation in his campaign vehicle, the “Immortality Bus,” since one...

Donald Trump and the Historic American Social Compact

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s surprising rise and popularity and the equally surprising durability of Bernie Sanders, an openly “socialist” candidate for a major party nomination, are both opposite responses to the collapsing historic American social compact. It is also an indication...

Verizon to Pay $1.35 Million to Settle Zombie Cookie Privacy Charges

Tracking Websites

Verizon agreed to pay $1.35 million to settle Federal Communications Commission charges that it violated customers’ privacy when it used a hidden undeletable number to track cellphone users. In the settlement, Verizon also agreed to make its unkillable “zombie”...

Feel the Burn

Graffiti - Street Art

Please don’t get me wrong, I like Bernie Sanders, I do. What’s not to like? Medicare for all has been the dream all along, hasn’t it? It was Harry Truman’s dream in 1948, wasn’t it? Medicare was Lyndon Johnson’s...

The Conservative Playbook for Keeping ‘Dark Money’ Dark


How do you stop states and cities from forcing more disclosure of so-called dark money in politics? Get the debate to focus on an “average Joe,” not a wealthy person. Find examples of “inconsequential donation amounts.” Point out that...

The Day in 1937 When Casco Workers in Bridgeport Sat Down on the Job

US Labor Movement

It was an event that lasted less than a day and involved only 50 people directly. It was organized, led and carried out by everyday workers and thus contradicted the mainstream narrative that only big people make history. Many...



How Do You Stop Terrorism?


US policies created ISIS; not on purpose, but as an inadvertent result of US policies. How do you stop terrorism? You stop using terror to put a stop to terror, because all you are doing is creating more by doing so.

Pope Francis

When the Pope Visited America


The pope's status as a moral authority in the world is undeniable -- he is the leader of 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide. Regardless of how one feels about the positions he has espoused, it's clear that his views may potentially have a huge impact on the opinions of millions. By making climate change a...


The Disabled Family


America is scaring the hell out of the very people it should be honored to protect. We have just two viable political parties. One of them wants to eliminate social assistance programs, and if not entirely, they certainly want to make significant cut-backs. Their truly horrifying argument is this: There are slackers in the...

People Hamsters

Shiny Pretty Things


Orwell was dead on the button, you know?  Describing a mass surveillance, mass hysteria media state, stratified and deified by strict obedience to an artificial political dogma. A yellow ribbon stuck on the back of the ole gov’ment minivan right next to the smiling stick figure family, lobbing cruise missiles into third-world countries most...