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Is Your TV Watching You?

TV Watching You

The tracking which Vizio calls "Smart Interactivity" is turned on by default for the more than 10 million Smart TVs that the company has sold. Vizio's technology works by analyzing snippets of the shows you're watching, whether on traditional...

Selling Ranexa: A Prescription for Profiteering?

Prescription Profiteering

In 2012 alone drug companies spent about 24 billion dollars marketing directly to health care providers, with nine out of the ten largest pharmaceutical companies spending more for marketing than research.

When the Pope Visited America

Pope Francis

The pope's status as a moral authority in the world is undeniable -- he is the leader of 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide. Regardless of how one feels about the positions he has espoused, it's clear that his views may...

The Disabled Family


America is scaring the hell out of the very people it should be honored to protect. We have just two viable political parties. One of them wants to eliminate social assistance programs, and if not entirely, they certainly want...

The Rube Goldberg Machine

Car Engine

The development of the automobile was a simple progression of technology. There’s nothing wrong with the idea, but what happens when the tool controls the operator, when the tool becomes the master and the primary source of our nation’s...


Drug Trials

Cheating the Gold Standard in Drug Trials


Randomized control trials (RCT) are complex and very expensive studies required by regulatory agencies, in this case the FDA, before a prescription drug is allowed to be touted for its benefits and marketed.  The cost of a single trial, often with thousands of patients enrolled at as much as $5,000 per patient (payments are...


The Age of Transhumanist Politics Has Begun

By , and

Those who view the future human being as a technoid being, regard the mid 21st century as a probable date for reaching the singularity. That’s the moment when artificial intelligence allegedly surpasses that of human intelligence and becomes in some way “self-conscious.'

Gun Violence

What Researchers Learned About Gun Violence Before Congress Killed Funding


One of the critical studies that we supported was looking at the question of whether having a firearm in your home protects you or puts you at increased risk.

Merit and Individuality

The Liberal Version of Individualism


Conservatives view social inequality as due to individual merit. Liberals acknowledge the impact of social factors such as racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of structural discrimination.