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Assume, Arguendo, That Officer Darren Wilson’s Story is True…

If we take Officer Darren Wilson’s grand jury testimony and treat it as 100% true and that he really was so frightened and intimidated by unarmed 18 year-old Michael Brown that he just had to shoot him to death,...
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Black Friday

Human beings love ritual, be it roasting birds or throwing virgins into a volcano. Race, creed or color, make no difference. They are personal lines of demarcation splashed across the heavens, a celestial DayMinder. Personal holidays, my birthday or...
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Do Fetuses Have More Rights Than Women?

There is a severe disconnect between what the majority of people think their rights are and what the actual state of affairs is. Women are now involuntary incubators under the law in many states. Their civil liberties as a...
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Brisdelle: New Menopause Drug or Alchemy?

In 2013, the FDA finally approved a drug without estrogen for the treatment of menopausal symptoms. When compared to placebo, a study shows that Brisdelle significantly diminished the number of hot flashes in women who took the drug for...
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Man in protective clothing for infection control



The average American's chances of contracting Ebola are comparable to winning the lottery two days in a row; as likely as being trampled by zebras in New York’s Central Park, and comparable to being struck by a meteor while playing wiffle ball in your own back yard.

Broken Healthcare

Throwing Away Billions: Our Broken Healthcare


If you blame Obamacare for the awful defects in our healthcare system, you are indeed naïve, since any cost-effectiveness or fairness in our system disintegrated long before Barack Obama, or even George W, came to office. I am not a partisan person. I have voted as often for a Republican candidate as for a...

Everywhere is War


Summer approaches and the stench of war is all around. Or, as the great Bob Marley put it, “Everywhere is war”. Start with the commemorations over a five-week span of Memorial Day, Flag Day and Independence Day, all presented varyingly as celebrations of our war dead, symbols of our greatness, the freedoms we love...

Gun Violence

What Researchers Learned About Gun Violence Before Congress Killed Funding


One of the critical studies that we supported was looking at the question of whether having a firearm in your home protects you or puts you at increased risk.